Issues in the convenience store, hospitality and medical markets

The temperature data loggers: The ideal equipment to use for temperature monitoring.


Temperature monitoring, energy reduction, labour savings and visits by the inspectorate are not just issues faced by convenience stores. The same applies to hotels, restuarants, pharmacies, medical surgeries, blood banks, warehousing, butchers, bakers and so the list goes on. There are so many industries which a product such as goldilock can bring benefits to and as such we are focusing on entering these markets. As such we are looking for some UK based hotels and restuarants to trial Goldilock for a two week period to see exactly how the system can benefit these businesses. A case study will then be written which will appear on our website.

As such if you know of anyone who may be interested in participating in this then please ask them to email or visit our website.

We are also interested in writing articles in conjunction with trade magazines for these areas. If you know of any then please pass them our details.

The need for individuals and businesses to save energy is a theme which has increased in momentum in the last 10 years. The realisation that we need to live more sustainable lives, offer goods and services which have the least impact on the environment as possible and act to reduce our expenditure means that we are constantly searching for simple ways to reduce our energy usage.

Example – Convenience Store
A system such as Goldilock can be easily analysed to determine the cycling of refrigeration units which can be used to enable you to change the thermostat of your units. For every one degree a unit is away from its optimal temperature a 2% increase in energy usage occurs, equating to a £450 per unit per additional degree. In our experience, through speaking with retailers and installing systems at their premises, we often find that retailers are running their units at either far too cold a temperature or too high a temperature, without even realising it.

By analysing the cycling of their refrigeration units retailers can also determine when a unit is running less efficently and perhaps malfunctioning. This means that an engineer can be called out to prevent the problem before it becomes a problem.

The sharing of knowledge and good working practices will aid everyone so how do you act to save energy in your business?

In the modern business era collaboration and partnership between businesses is an important step in achieving growth and development. This is not only evident in high technology, knowledge intensive industries but also applies to service providers and to any company that wants to develop at a faster rate. Goldilock is one such product line with which we are attempting to apply this model. To offer the benefits of the product to a wider audience, to increase increase awareness of any partnership companies and to increase the skill and knowledge base of each company are just some of the reasons for having this aim. We welcome enquiries from anyone who feels they may have a synergy with our service and product offering.

What is your experience with collaborations in your business?

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Technology has made the world go technical way by communicating, collaborating and researching anytime anywhere. There is always an initial skepticism as to what if the electronic gadgets give up and what if the wrong websites are surfed or used against the society or norms? But then there are advantages as well wherein people around the world research the required information, communicate with each other and collaborate with each other to carry out important tasks sitting anywhere being anytime of the day.

In today’s time it is difficult to imagine your life without electronic or wireless devices if you are looking for a smooth wireless communication. Wireless communication and technology has become an essential part of life and has impacted even the remote regions of the planet. Let’s have a look at the areas where wireless communication has played an essential role:

Natural Disaster: Wireless communication is very helpful in…

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